Presentation: The Safe Asset Shortage

3 days of the “Europe in Crisis” conference in Madison, WI have come to a close.  A fantastic conference with even better speakers—ranging from Gillian Tett of the Financial Times to Chad Bown of the Peterson Institute, and everyone in between.  Great insights on Brexit, the euro crisis, populism, and more.  I presented on Europe’s safe asset shortage and the mechanisms by which it is hindering the economic recovery. (Slides below.) Thanks to all the attendees, speakers, and conference organizers (European Horizons) for the great conference.

Yes, The World Does Have a Shortage of Safe Assets…And Central Banks Aren’t Helping

My latest over at The Huffington Post. A wonkish look at the safe asset shortage and the waning efficacy of quantitative easing:

Central Banks Should Focus Stimulus Efforts on Equities

Weak economic activity, central bank balance sheet risks, and misaligned investor incentives can be alleviated.  My latest at the Huffington Post:

Prediction for March 9-10 ECB meeting: Draghi will again underwhelm

The world will be watching closely as the results of this week’s European Central Bank (ECB) monetary policy meeting are released on Thursday.  Draghi is keen to avoid under-delivering as he did in December.   Continue reading Prediction for March 9-10 ECB meeting: Draghi will again underwhelm